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At NEAR-Fest XX, held on October 14th 2016 at Deerfield, NH, we were fortunate and privileged to have C.P.A. Lynn Baxter, W0LTB, tell us about the advantages and procedures for clubs who may be interested in applying for federal tax exempt status (also known as 501(c)(3) entities in reference to the tax code section under which they fall).  It is important to understand that this material relates only to Federal tax exempt status.  You will need to contact your own state’s tax agency to determine their requirements and procedures at that level.

We had a full house that day. Lynn gave us an outstanding and fascinating presentation about the new I.R.S. application process for smaller non-profit organization’s and clubs just like ours.  Lynn’s seminar at NEAR-fest was a major item on the ARRL News web page and as a result we received many inquiries from all over the country from clubs wanting to attend. However distance presented a problem for many. Thanks to Lynn we were able to produce a video of her presentation and it is available for viewing right here on the NEAR-Fest Web site as a public service to the amateur radio community.

Also included below are some very useful .pdf files of the actual 1023-EZ application form and the questionnaire to determine whether or not your organization may be eligible to apply. The 1023-EZ form is only filed electronically and a printed version is actually quite hard to find even on the I.R.S. Web site but very it is very useful to have this filled out in advance when submitting the online form. The screener questionnaire is an essential tool as well because it will help you determine if you qualify or not.

Please note that the information contained in this video is very general in scope and may or may not apply to your club or organization’s particular situation and needs. Lynn and NEAR-Fest strongly advises anyone who is interested in considering applying for a 501(c)(3) determination from the I.R.S. to consult first with a tax professional to seek their advice on how that should proceed with the actual application and subsequent annual filings.

This video is copyrighted by Lynn Baxter, C.P.A. W0LTB, who has given NEAR-Fest permission to stream it on our site. Please do not post directly to other sites.  Link to this page.  

Here’s the video link. Supporting documents that may be downloaded are listed below (documents in PDF format):

NEAR-Fest would like to thank Lynn for her outstanding presentation and for allowing us to make it available on our web site so those who who could not attend the forum might have access to the information.


MrMike, W1RC