New England Amateur Radio Festival

NEAR-Fest funds certain projects consistent with the Misson Statement. Before you consider asking the 'Fest to fund a project, read our policy. Some of the funded projects are:

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There are two different types of charges for Exhibitors/Vendors at NEAR-Fest. One (“Rates”) is the rate charged for the spaces in the Commercial Buildings and rental of items like chairs & tables. This money goes to NEAR-Fest to offset the cost of renting the fairgrounds, facilities and associated expenses of operating the ‘Fest. 

The second type (“Fees”) is for things like electricity and camping. This money is collected by NEAR-Fest on behalf of the Deerfield Fair Association. NEAR-Fest has NO discretion over the amounts

Space is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference will be given to returning vendors. Every effort will be made to place vendors in the same location as in previous events, however we reserve the right to move vendors to accommodate show needs.


(Collected on behalf of NEAR-Fest)


  • One space: $50.00 
  • Two spaces: $70.00
  • Three + spaces: $25.00 each


  • Tables: $16.00 each
  •  Chair Rental: $2.00 each


(Collected on behalf of the Deerfield Fair Association)


  • Electricity: $20.00 (Required for any electricity use more than a single wall wart)
  • Overnight Camping Fee: $30.00 (RVs, Conversion Vans, etc)
  • Tent: $15.00


For additional information (for commercial vendors/exhibitors ONLY), be sure to first read all of the information on the Rules and Reservations page and within the Reservation portion of the we site.

If you have questions COMMERCIAL VENDORS ONLY may call or email. Contact information is on the Reservations page linked below.

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