New England Amateur Radio Festival

NEAR-Fest funds certain projects consistent with the Misson Statement. Before you consider asking the 'Fest to fund a project, read our policy. Some of the funded projects are:

Camping is available Thursday and Friday nights. Camping passes are sold by the Deerfield Fair Association NOT by NEAR-Fest. Please be advised that these are NOT AVAILABLE for purchase in advance or by mail. They may be purchased on site starting Thursday afternoon at the campground.

The “RV” category covers campers, motor homes, travel trailers, conversion vans, pop-up tenting trailers – any vehicle whose PRIMARY purpose is for recreational use or in which to sleep. Electricity and fresh water supply is available, there is no septic service at the campground but there are septic dumping stations near the entrance from Stage Rd (Route 43). The following fees apply based on type of camping:

RV Camping:

Thursday night $30.00
Friday night $30.00

Thursday night $15.00
Friday night $15.00

For people who want to sleep in a vehicle not covered by either the camping or tenting category, the charge for Thursday night is $15.00. There will be no charge for Friday night inside the Fairgrounds provided you don’t plug into an electric service outlet.

On Thursday night all vehicles, including passenger vehicles must be parked in the Thursday night camping area and pay the appropriate fee. There is no overnight parking allowed Thursday night in the main parking area. This is by directive of the Deerfield Fair Management, not NEAR-Fest. However, we are obliged to enforce it.

Kindly do not address complaints about fees to campground or any other staff member. If you feel you really must register your displeasure the only ones who will even listen are myself, W1RC, and Paulie D, W1PRA, NEAR-Fest Sergeant-at-Arms. WARNING: Don’t expect sympathy.

Again I must reiterate: We have no control or say in anything to do with camping or tenting overnight. We are merely the messenger.