New England Amateur Radio Festival

NEAR-Fest funds certain projects consistent with the Misson Statement. Before you consider asking the 'Fest to fund a project, read our policy. Some of the funded projects are:

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Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield, New Hampshire


None of us likes too many rules and dictates but any event of this size and stature must have them to clearly outline what constitutes acceptable behavior and what does not. Some just don’t know and some pretend they don’t but the bottom line is that we are responsible to the Fair Association for a specific standard of conduct and if we do not maintain this level we may find ourselves with no place to hold our hamfest twice a year.

With his in mind, it seems like now is a good time to review the guidelines under which we must operate:

  1. First of all, the Deerfield Fair Association rules prohibit consumable alcohol in any form, as well as NO open fires anywhere on the property. Charcoal grills, barbecues, gas grills are permitted!

  2. You should be advised that The Town of Deerfield has a “no open container” by-law on their books. I have been advised by the Chief of Police that they patrol the grounds and anyone found in possession of an open container may result in the offender being arrested, taken to jail, appearing in court to answer charges and possible fines or other penalties.

  3. Dogs and other household pets are permitted (no exotics, please), however, they must be on a leash at all times and owners must “stoop and scoop”, removing all traces in the event that nature calls.

  4. We wish to advise everyone attending to navigate the grounds on foot whenever possible. The pathways at Deerfield are narrow and often crowded so unless you have physical difficulty walking for expended periods or otherwise legitimate reason please do not use bicycles, scooters or other wheeled vehicles to move around. You MUST have a handicapped placard or medical certification if you intend on using such vehicles.Our insurance carrier (as well as the Deerfield Fair’s carrier) is insistent on this. We don’t want anyone to be hurt or injured while attending our event so please take this under advisement.

  5. A “Pack it in – Pack it out” philosophy regarding garbage is highly recommended because it helps us keep down the costs of hosting this event.

  6. In addition, the now-traditional NEAR-Fest policy regarding abandoning unsold junk and scrap metal will be strictly enforced. All offering of “free items” must be in boxes and owners must remove them if no one takes them.

  7. We wish to emphasize the fact that disposal of unwanted items is your responsibility, not ours. Please do not put anything in our garbage cans or dumpsters other than regular trash. DO NOT attempt to conceal CRT monitors, computers (desktops and laptops), keyboards, printers, or other crap in the normal trash containers. Offenders risk incurring the wrath of the organizers, especially Paul DePetrillo, W1PRA, NEAR-Fest Sergeant-at-Arms, and will face public chastisement (with the very real possibly of intense embarrassment), being unceremoniously ejected from the ‘Fester and possibly being permanently barred from attending future NEAR-Fest events! It isn’t worth it so don’t risk it. A metal recycler will be in attendance and will take metal objects at no cost to the donor.

The Sergeant-at-Arms’ decision regarding any matters such as these is final and absolute.

We are looking forward to having you enjoy NEAR-Fest as much as we enjoy putting it on.