New England Amateur Radio Festival

NEAR-Fest funds certain projects consistent with the Misson Statement. Before you consider asking the 'Fest to fund a project, read our policy. Some of the funded projects are:

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Date(s) - 05/04/2018 - 05/05/2018
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Deerfield Fairgrounds


Please review the FAQ and Rules


If you have registered in this system in the past, you should be able to review your previous reservations to determine how many spaces, tables and chairs you had.  If you need further assistance, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: For Commercial Vendors, you can now pay in advance here on this site using Paypal OR pay On Site at NEAR-Fest.

PRE-PAID COMMERCIAL VENDORS PLEASE NOTE: Select the “Pre-Paid Commercial Vendor” ticket ONLY.  DO NOT select any other space ticket to avoid incurring additional charges.  Remember to select the tables, chairs and electricity charge if you require them.

NOTE: This registration system treats everything as a “space”; tables, chairs, spaces, electricity charge.  EVERYTHING is a “space”.  For example, if you sign up for 2 spaces, 2 tables and 1 chair, your confirmation will read 5 “spaces”; sign up for 5 spaces, 10 tables, and your confirmation will read 15 “spaces”.

Please be sure to select the appropriate option(s) below so there is no confusion.

The payment option defaults to Paypal, so if you would like to pay on site please select the “Pay at NEAR-Fest” option in the Pay With drop down box located above the “Send your booking” button.

If you have used this system previously you can login using your login name and password. If you lost or forgot your login information please use the Lost Your Password? link below to reset your password. You will need to use either your login name or email address to reset your password.

Price listed is price for each item. Multiply by the number of items requested.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
1 Space-Commercial $50.00
2 Spaces-Commercial $70.00
3+ Spaces-Commercial
$ per Space
Cost is per chair.
Cost is per table.
Discount for Commercial Vendors Paying for Both 2017 Events
Select this ticket ONLY if you want to pay for both Spring and Fall 2017 events at the Spring event. We will afford a 10% discount on your space fees ONLY. If you choose this option, DO NOT pay on-line. We will calculate your fees at the Spring event and collect your payment.
Electricity Charge-All Commercial Users
Required for all electricity use EXCEPT a single wall wart.
Non-Profit Chairs
For all NON-PROFIT vendors and exhibitors ONLY. Please select either one or two chairs for your table.
Non-Profit Exhibitor/Vendor
Non-profits receive 1 table & 2 chairs gratis. Please select only Non-Profit categories. If you are unsure of your non-profit status, please contact us.
Non-Profit Tables
For all NON-PROFIT vendors and exhibitors ONLY. Please select one table.
Outside Commercial Vendor
Prior permission required. Limited space available. Contact us with any questions.
Pre-Paid Commercial Vendor
Vendors that paid for both spring and fall events at the spring event.